Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Watch & Weight Wednesday

Stampin’ Around Wheels & Ink Cartridges
I hope you enjoy this week’s video.  It has been a while since I did any of the basics, I think I’d like to do more of videos like this so that you will have a place to come for reference.  

My diet…UGH!  I can honestly say I didn’t even try last week.  I think I felt over-busy with my business, my other job, and preparing for the Mega Meet. It was just easier to eat ‘whatever’ then to plan.  I did not exercise at all, unless you count taking the stairs at work 3 times last week.  It’s not a pretty thing to admit. I wonder if any of you can relate….can you?   

Think good thoughts for me this week.  I am doing my best with this hectic schedule to take care of ‘me’ too!   

See you tomorrow!


  1. keep it will happen for you....on the other side...your hands look

  2. thanks peggy...that's something! LOL