Sunday, September 26, 2010


 RemARKable Holiday Madness Blog Tour - Day 2

I love this fun Bingo Card (Holiday Mini Catalog page 30) stamp and I have seen some adorable cards created with it, however . . . 

       . . .  I wanted to stay true to what it is....a Game!  So I thought about what events this could be customized for and I created just a few of them for you.  There were a variety stamp sets and colors used to create them so if you are interested please email/call me for that information.

A Birthday Party - I chose a child's version, but it could be adjusted for every age and every party (as long as your guests are not 'too cool' to have fun!)

A Valentine Party for kids or adults with this version:
Plus I like the little hearts I punched out to cover the squares!
For the customized cards you would need to make drawing squares of each symbol, or letter, in the game and just draw them out of a box (OH....I just thought of a fun idea for the box too...not time, gotta post for this tour. I'll post it later).
...but if you do a Christmas Bingo (shown below), why not just use the wood mount version of the stamps set Jolly Bingo Bits (Holiday Mini Catalog page 29) and draw them out the box!

 Some other ideas for this game:  If the word has less than 5 letters you could add a symbol like the I did in the Love sample, or squeeze letters together in one square like A-N-I-MA-LS.

Plants- with different plants in each square, great for a garden club party or meeting.
Religion - People or events (Jesus has two s's you could put a symbol of heart or a cross with the 2nd one), or put a scripture reference in each square and if you have that you read the scripture to the class.
Teaching tool, like the Animals example above with photos on the squares.
Personalize to your family's favorite place or events with the word PLACE at the top or you last name, like SMITH.  This is a great game for family night fun! 
Names: 5 letters is perfect like Diane,or more than 5 double up on letters like SH-A-R-O-N.  If it has double letters put them together in one square like B-O-BB-Y (symbol).

I think you get the idea....this stamp has E-N-D-LE-SS possibilities!  I'd love to have you share your ideas with me...drop me an email with a photo and I will share you sample on my blog showing everyone how creative YOU are!

I hope you enjoy today's tour....see you back here tomorrow!

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