Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Templates Video

Save Money & Time!

Are you like me?  Do you get tired of cutting paper and card stock while creating only to change your mind about the size or shape?  

The answer is - Templates!  

I saw this idea at a scrapbook show last month.  The company was selling plastic templates that you could use to design, then trace & cut out the shapes.  I loved the idea, but who wants to cut stuff out these days?  Not me! Now I have the solution!

 I think you'll find that the time you invest in creating your templates will be worth the saved time, frustration, and lack of wasted paper & card stock.  Since I created mine my creativity is flowing faster, and I feel the freedom to take chances.  After all, if I don't like it I just grab a different template and try again!  

I hope you enjoy this idea!  See you tomorrow!

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