Monday, October 29, 2012

Tricks for Treaters

up the Sweets

One of my wonderful downline, Michele Slater (she's in the photo's below too), shared this adorable idea with us at our last team meeting.  It's so cute that I just had to share with all of you . . . 

It's made with a lollipop (tootsie pops work best), some craft paper or paper bag and a little ribbon.  

Cut two 6 inch circles from craft paper fold together into a triangle so you can snip a small hole in the center of the circle.  Here's Michele creating at our meeting...Yep...she IS as nice as she looks!


Unfold the circle and cut random slits toward the center, but leaving about a 3" circle of the center uncut.  This creates the brooms straw. Crinkle up the circle to give the straw volume.  Color the paper stick of the lollipop, mine is Basic Black, and insert through the center hole of the craft paper.  Twist the circle down over the candy and twist the non-cut part around the candy's stick.  Then tie a fun ribbon like our Striped Satin ribbon (Holiday Catalog) around it to hold it in place.  That's it.  Simple huh?  

This could also be used to encourage your kids to clean up...change the ribbon and viola!  It's just an everyday broom.  Put on a note that says 'clean your room'.  Making chores fun can mean they get done more often!

Until Next Time . . . 

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