Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Getting Back To Business!

Getting Back to Business!

Hello Again,

It has been a whilea long whilesince I have posted to my blog.  I thought I would give you a heads up that I am coming back and will be working my Stampin’ Up! Business Full-time Again!  I am very excited, however, there are some kinks in my scheduling that I am still working on.  The photos below show some of my organizational preparations so that you know I really am working to supply you with fun ideas on a regular basis very soon.  However, if you’re interested in the details of our new life, .scroll down to read the story of how & why I am able to be back.


This is my scheduling 'system' and it is a work in progress
...but it's getting there!

Now for those who are interested....Here’s the story:

Background - As many of you know I returned to working outside the home in 2011 and did so full-time in 2013.  As you can clearly see by reviewing my previous blog postings, my time on my blog reduced pretty rapidly.  It has always made me sad that this was something I needed to temporarily let go.  Because of  my back issues I just couldn’t work all day then work SU in the evening.  That left weekends and, since I don’t work on Sunday, it was really only Saturday’s for the most part.  That and holding a few of my regular classes and occasional hostess events kept me as busy as I could handle. (Just one of the great things about being a demonstrator is the flexibility that allowed me to adjust my business). 

Times Change, as they always do, and as of January, 2017, I stopped working at my other job so that we could take care of my husband’s mother, Marilyn, although I call her mom.

My husband, Michael, and his mom, Marilyn, this Christmas

It was a BIG decision but one my husband and I had spent a lot of time praying about as we watched the decline and in her vision and her memory and conversations with Larry over the years.  Mom has lived with her friend, Larry, for over 13 years and when he developed heart issues he realized (and at his doctors insistence) that caring for himself was hard enough.  Although he didn’t want to do it, he knew he could not keep her with him all the time.  It was pretty heart breaking for both of them.  They now try to spend one week a month together as his health allows.  Sadly, he lives about a 4 hour drive away so daily visits just don’t work.   Here they are celebrating mom’s 83rd birthday at a favorite hang-out near Larry’s house in early February, 2017

Marilyn (mom) and Larry, Feb. 2017

Although her decline seems to roller coaster from good days to not-so-good days, and her memory loss means that we have repeat conversations throughout the day as if they were new, we are blessed to have her with us. It is not really hard, but it is tedious most of the time.  We find that our love for her smoothes away any issues of that kind.  We pray that she can spend the rest of her days here with us and, if you are so inclined, prayers for our ability to do so would be greatly appreciated.

Periodically I will post updates about my life with Mom to keep you all informed.  If you read this far, let me know.  I hope you will be patient with me as we adjust to our new way of life.

Mom & Me last week enjoying the almost 70 degrees in Michigan
In FEBRUARY?!  It was wonderful to get her out in the fresh air.

Until Next Time,


   Karie Beglau