Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Scrapbook Mega Meet - Novi

The Great Lakes Mega Meet
May 6 - 8, 2010
Rock Financial Showplace- Novi, MI

It's just One Week Away!  WOW!  I am getting pretty excited to see all of you again!  As you can see, often my booth is crazy busy, it's hectic . . . but oh so fun!!  I have been working like crazy for the last few weeks and I am right on schedule to be finished with all my preperations this weekend!  YEAH!

It's amazing to me to see these old photos and notice how much my booth changes every year.  I think this year you will quite surprised at how much I have to offer you.  I've been busy working on restocking my popular scrapbook kits.  They were a pretty hot item last year and with the new Color Renovation coming - I am making room for new ideas and new kits to come with the new Stampin' Up! colors - you'll see that some of my prices have been reduced  to reflect this.  I will also have a large Clearance Section on several items like Chipboard, etc.

My husband, Michael, will be there again to help with the Make & Takes!  He's looking forward to seeing all of you too.  Like last year, I have created a 12" x 12" two-page spread that coordinates with our 6" x 6" Make & Take.  The matching kit is just $5!!!  Last year we sold out of the matching kit on the first day (within hours actually).  Although I have made more kits this year, it is still a very limited supply.  If you want yours be sure to come to my booth early!

This year, Tina (in the photo with Michael & below with me) is unable to attend this year.  She will miss all of you so much!  Tina has participated in my booth every year since 2004, and she is also the one who was at the Crops both nights (We will not be at the crops this year). Although she hopes to be able to stop by, she will not be there full time. In her place at my booth will be my son, Adam.  Who knows nothing about scrapbooking, stamping, or crafts in general. However, he loves his mom and so offered to come and work the cash area for me.  So please be kind when he says something like, "I don't know...ask my mom"

I Have a few Specials for those of you who are going, and one for those who are not!

FIRST....In my zeal to get things done I sent my brochure flyer off to the printer via the internet, and when I got them back I noticed a few typos...nothing new I always find some AFTER the fact.  However, there are a few more then even I am willing to be OK with....YIKES! 

 <--------Brochure cover (Printed version is Black & White)

So....when you pick one up at the Mega Meet and take it home...give it a good read until you find one of the errors, email me with a find and I'll send you a FREE GIFT!  (There are several so you'll have no trouble finding one!)

SECOND ....The last photo below is from my booth from more than a few years back.  As you can see the booth is - well, a bit boring.  I'd like to think I have learned a little bit more each year on how to improve.  During these growing years many of you have stayed at my side and supported me and my business.  I want to reward you!  So.....

Print off the blurry picture below, print your name, email, & telephone number, then bring it to my booth  I have created a gift to say THANK YOU! (Supplies are limited)  My booth number is 738.  I am on the far right isle as you enter the meet, on a corner just one isle before the Ice Cream/Popcorn vendor at the back.  (I know you know where that is!!)  If you are NOT going....Send me an email with this photo before May 8th, and I will mail you a gift!


Name: _____________________________________


Phone: _____________________________________

I can't wait to see all of you again!  Hugs, Karie B.

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