Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stampin' Up! booth at the Scrapbook Mega Meet

What Fun We Had! 

My son, Adam, worked the cash area, 
while my husband, Michael, helped you with the Free Make & Take.  
That left me available for your questions!

So many of you stopped by my booth just to say hello, create a FREE Make & Take, or to shop!  It was so wonderful to see you again, or meet you for the first time!  I am always on such a high during the day and totally exhausted each night.  But, knowing you will be there the next morning makes me wake up with a smile on my face....even if I barely slept at all.

Here are the photos I promised you.  Are you in any of them?  If so, email me and let me know who you are & where you are in the photo, include your address and I will send you a free gift too!

Adam & Me (he single ladies!!)  & Pat Schultz, who didn't want a photo...oops!
Michael prefers to stand at the M&T
Here's a rare shot where he actually sat down!


Michael teaches with a line waiting for a seat.
I love watching him and couldn't resist a peak while I handed out
drawing slips and my class brochures. 
YES! As you can see; Men DO Attend Scrapbook Events!
They even make the Make & Takes!!


GRAND PRIZE $50 Product Basket
Joanie Peltzer, Grand Blanc, MI

$10 Product Winners:
Annie Walters, Waterford, MI
Julianna Smith, Southgate, MI
Brenda Yardley, Franklin, MI

Now You Have A Choice!
Wood Mount or Clear Mount Stamps!

If you tried the Make & Take you had the chance to use the 
same stamp set, Elements of Style, in both versions, 
Wood (Item # 118611 $27.95) or Clear (Item #120045 $19.95)
Shown above the flower stamp is on the clear, and the sentiment on wood.
Or perhaps you had the chance to use the opposite set up.

The Acrylic block shown above is the largest currently available;
Block F (Item #118483 $16.95)
Below is a photo of the smallest block that I wore on a necklace.
Block A (Item #118487 $3.95)

I am already making plans for next years Great Lakes Mega Meet (May 6, 7, & 8, 2011).  I will have more scrap kits, more card kits, more embellishments and another Loyalty Gift!  Be sure to watch your emails for that one!.  Plus, naturally, another FREE Make & Take with a matching 12" 2-page spread at a great price!  In the mean time, check my schedule for upcoming classes at the Stamp Sell-er (the craft room in my basement). 

Brochure Typos Challenge

I am getting many email on the contest to find the typos in my brochure.  Some of you have found a few I didn't see, watch for your extra special gift, many more found ones I knew about. However, a few of you picked some that are not typos, but a play on words.  The word Base-Meant is not basement it is 'a base meant for' hyphenated to indicate a basement....because I did this on purpose, it is not spelled wrong.  And Sell-er is not celler or seller, for the same reason...So if you picked one of those two....send in another one via email for a free gift!

Watch my blog for the update  
ABC Class 
(Anything But Cards) 
info that many of you asked about. 
 The next one is the round Scrapbook in a Box
that you saw on display and it will be held on June 16th at 6:30 PM.

Hope to see you in The Stamp Sell-er Soon!

Hugs, Karie B.

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