Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Doctor Who


I guess I should explain that shouldn't I?  Well, I am a BIG Doctor Who fan (on the BBC & BBCAmerica channels) and if you are too, you can skip this paragraph.  A T.A.R.D.I.S.  is what the Doctor call his space ship.  It stans for Time And Relative Dimension In Space.  It used to change it's look to fit the area where it landed, however, the camelion circut was damaged and now it always looks like a blue police box.  There, you are all caught up...right?

When I first saw the "Feeling Sentimental" stamp in the Sale-a-bration brochure the first thing that jumped out was the phone fact I believe I shouted out loud at the Lansing, MI, Regional event LOL.  I just new I create the title shot of the Doctor Who show with it

Here's what my hands looked like after creating all the backgrounds . . . nice huh?

And here is the finished card...cheesy?  You Bet Ya!  But sometimes you just gotta have fun.  Besides if it flops I will hop in the Doctor's TARDIS, travel back in time, and undo this post!!

Here's how I did it:
The sentiment was printed onto Whisper White card stock with my printer.  I didn't have stamp that was 'who-related' LOL.

The cute little hearts are from the new Heats A Flutter stamp set.  They are embossed.

Using a Window Sheet cut to size I slathered (is that a word?) on a layer of Crystal Effects making sure to spread out to the edges.  Then I placed a few drops of ink from a Pretty In Pink re-inker with a just a drop of Bashful Blue re-inker on the edges.  Mixing them into the Crystal Effects with a gloved finger I created the colorful swirl.  (OK...I made a lot of them and eventually just gave up on the gloves...hense that first lovely photo of my hands).  After I got the swirl right I gently sprinkled it with Dazzling Diamonds glitter.  Then I crumpled, and uncrumpled a piece of white tissue paper (the kind you put inside a gift bag) and added it to the top.  I was sure to press in the edges so it stuck to all of the Windo Sheet.  After it dried I cut off excess tissue and applied it to my card front.   

OH...Perhaps I should explain,  a Companion is what Doctor Who calls the humans who travel with him in the TARDIS.  That would make this great a Valentine's Day card for your favortie "Whovian"

This month's class is a Stack Attack!

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