Thursday, July 14, 2011

Convention Swaps


Whenever I attend a Stampin' Up! event the most fun thing is Swappin'!  Demonstrators make one or two designs (sometimes more) and make a LOT of each one.  But...we just make the front of the card to save a little money because all we really want to do is share ideas!  Then we trade our ideas for other demonstrators ideas.  Demonstrators love to share ideas so much that we even do it on a smaller scale at our team meetings each month! 

The first time I saw thousands of demonstrators in heavy swap mode I thought to myself, "This must be what it is like to be in the pit at the New York Stock Exchange!"  Everyone holding up a card saying "Swapping?  Are you Swapping?"  It's So Much FUN!!!

Here's what I am swapping with other demonstrators for their  ideas...

The above card front is what I have the most of...about 95 I think.

The above 4 colors of one design I only have about 35 total.
All that paper folding started to hurt my fingers!
If you like this paper folding idea and want to know how to do recreate it, be sure to join the Hostess Club before July 18th.  We will be making them in August!

I will post directions in the future, but not until my special club members have a chance to learn it in person.

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