Monday, October 5, 2015

Wedding Album 1

I am so excited to share with all of you the Album I created for my Daughter, Britnie and her new husband Paul.   Today I will share the pages that run through the ceremony.  

This is the fist page.

Followed by....

That's me sewing pieces of the wedding dresses worn
by my mother and by me at our weddings.  Britnie shows
them off under her down the last photo.

Paul wrote on the bottom of her shoes.  She found the
note that morning...he's a keeper!

You will see blank areas like the white strip above.  
They are journaling spaces for them to write memories
of their special day (I couldn't do everything LOL)

Britnie walked half way to the groom with just her father,
then was joined by her step-father, Michael.

The wooden box with the bottle inside also had love letters
to each other nailed inside during the ceremony.  It's called
a First Fight Box and should be opened if they have a fight.
The idea is the read the letters and drink the wine and remember
why they are in love.  Hoping they never open that box!

They were married under the same tree where Paul's 
parents married many years ago.  It is in the back yard
of their home where Paul's father lived before meeting
his mother.  So romantic!

Below is the last page in the album.

 I hope you enjoyed these pages.  I will post more tomorrow.  Stay tuned!  

Hugs, Karie B.

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