Friday, October 9, 2015

Wedding Album 3

This is the last of the pages from my daughter's wedding album.  They are from their reception which was held in a ski lodge in a state park.  It was a large open room and perfectly fit everyone and every thing you need for a good time.  The homespun decor made by Britnie & Paul gave the room a cozy feel even those it was so spacious.

From the wine corks to hold the place cards and cut slices of a tree trunk under the center pieces, to the table numbers (OK, I made those, but they adhered them to the bottles), to the table runners & chair bows.  They are adventurous and outdoorsy.  It could not have represented them better if a professional had decorated for them.

I love the idea below.  The park was planning to replace a few
of the table benches and let them have one.  They used the bench
as their 'guestbook' which has since been varnished and is now 
in the new home they bought just a few months ago!

There were so busy with working, planning the wedding,
creating the decor, that the first dance practice never happened.
They had so much fun just laughing and loving each other
through the entire song.  It was very enduring.

Between these pages were several of the Stampin' Up!
Project Life divided pages filled with snapshots of friends.

l've been told you should always have some black and white photos taken every year because they are supposed to last the longest.    

I hope you enjoyed looking at the album over the last week.  New Stampin' Projects will be coming in just a few days.  

If you liked these pages please share the link with your friends.   

Hugs, Karie

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