Friday, July 6, 2012

Where’s Karie Been?

You may have noticed that I have not posted here in many days.  Well, it’s not because I don’t like to stamp LOL.  But it was because I did get a bit bogged down with added hours at my ‘other’ job, a few house repair issues, running my Stampin' Up! business, and keeping my blog up to date...and it  left me suddenly feeling like I needed to be Wonder-Woman.  Naturally, because I knew I would not look good in her costume, it caused me a little stress…to say the least! 

I turned to prayer and found all that I needed was to simply take a break.  I couldn’t take time off from my ‘other’ job, but I could take a break from all the other “To Do” list items in my life…so I did!  I have to tell you that it felt wonderful.  I just enjoyed the days and spent much more time sitting and talking with my sweet husband.  And then . . .
I had an Epiphany!

I needed to rearrange my priorities.  I want to continue to spend more time with my sweetheart and more time in my faith. This means that I will need to cut back in other areas of my life, i.e.; my business.  So, as much as I love to blog, I am no longer going to stress about having a post every single day.  I will post as much as I possible, but it will rarely be daily….I hope everyone is OK with that.  After all, how many of you feel that you have to read my post daily?   ….that’s what I thought.  LOL

Another thing I am going to do on my blog is to not freak out about using only 100% current Stampin’ Up! products.  I am too far behind on my personal scrapbooking and I have been holding on to some really awesome retired papers that I want to use in them.  Since I want to start scrappin’ more, as part of my new epiphany strategy,  I thought you might not mind if I use some retired stuff now and then.  After all it’s the ideas I am sharing more than anything else.  So...just as our Great Country celebrates it's independence...I am declaring my Independence from Stress!

I hope you are all fine with my new way of blogging and will continue to come back for ideas, videos, and Sunday inspirations. 

Until Next Time…