Saturday, September 9, 2017

Snowflake Sentiments and more

Simple (Fancy-Looking)
Christmas Card Class

Every month on the 3rd Friday at 6:30 pm and the following Saturday at 11 am, friends gather to create fun cards.  Each year they get excited when it’s all Christmas cards.  Below are the four we will be creating in a few weeks.

You may remember the above card from a Facebook Live video I created on August 25th.  It was not going to be a part of the class, however, I have had several requests to include it – so I am.

I am excited to teach this pull up card too!  It’s pretty easy to create, just adhere the bottom and side opening of a basic card, create the fun insert to slide into the top and add ribbon. 

This is another card that that my customer friends requested to be included in the class.  It’s super simple, the ‘hardest’ part is embossing the tag…. which is not hard at all of course.

Lastly, this is a re-design of a card I received last year from my friend Trevis. Again, simple.

If you live close by I’d love to have you join us for class.  Contact me for details.  I am considering creating a ‘class in the mail’ on these cards, if there is interest.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of that idea.

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