Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Watch & Weight Wednesday

I cheated this week!!
 (just on the video...OK.... and
 maybe a little on my diet as well)

My daughter has been visiting from New York for the last 7 days and I got a bit behind on my posting.   Knowing all of you, I knew it would be OK if I cheated and used a Stampin' Up! video instead of one of my own.

Be sure to listen to Donna describe that little flower details...cute!!  Also a new way to die the white Baker's Twine to any color you'd like!  FUN!!

As for my weight this week....well, I was a little 
worried and was sure I went up.....
....I actually lost a few ounces!  Still, I better be extra good this week because I know I was NOT good this week.  Plus last night was a girls pj party with my daughter & her friend (Michael went to bed) and there was a lot of snacking. Today Britnie & I had a mommy / daughter day and lunch was not on the plan. Plus after I left her at the airport I admit I came home and took out my sorrows in munchies.  

Extra Zumba moves for me this week!

There will be No cheating at all next week!  
I will make my own video ...I promise!

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