Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My First Video

I don't know if this will scare you off, or make you want to keep watching to see if I actually get any better.  But I knew when I went live I wanted to post a video.  So, here it is.  It's pretty rough and I see I have a LOT to learn.  I apologize that the stamping is pretty bad, the design even worse, but remember this was a more of a test than anything else. It really was fun to make & fun to play with on my PC too!   I just knew that all of you want to see what I did so I decided to go ahead and post it for you.

I plan to add many more with actual techniques and fun projects.  I have a list of ideas I want to share including some beginner videos for those of you who are just getting started.

Hope you will subscribe to my new blog location!  See ya tomorrow!

Hugs, Karie Beglau


  1. It will get better for sure. There should be a way that you can upload what you did without sound and then add sound to the video later so you don't have to hear the tapping, etc. Memory Inkers 4 Life

    1. Thanks. I thought about that too. But stampers are used to that noise LOL

  2. Rock n roll Karie!! way to go!! I never thought about using one of the SU theme songs in my videos... you are one up on me.. I don't even know how to download them!! :) Way to go! Patty