Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Watch & Weight Wednesday

Have you heard the term 'Smash Book'?

I was going to learn about some NEW cool thing and although it is still cool,  I used to make these when I was a young girl.  We used old spiral school notebooks and stuck everything in there.  We just called them scrapbooks, or friendship books, because friends would make them for each other with all their favorite things and those secrets only friends would understand. They were messy and full of locks of hair, magazine clippings, notes passed in study hall, etc. But most of all they were FUN!

The new generation usually starts with a little nicer book, but once it starts getting filled with miscellaneous ephemera it will get that casual and slightly messy look in no time. 

Here's a sample of Gratitude Smash Book we created at our Stamp Of The Month Club in May of 2011.

This one is empty in the photo, but when you fill it with the things you are thankful for, it's a big beautiful mess! You can see a video (below) of my newest version.

Every Wednesday I will be sharing a video.
It will usually be one I created, like the one below, or it may be something awesome by Stampin' Up! or another demonstrator friend or two.  I hope you will visit my videos and share them with your friends.  Especially as I get a bit better at them.

This week's Video shows the beginning of my "smash" book for weight loss.  Each week at the end of my project video I will include my weigh-in number (Yikes!) and you can watch me add a bit more to this book.  I hope it will help me stay on track knowing you will be watching, and maybe some of you will come on this journey with me.  If so, keep me posted on how you are doing too!

Be kind and remember I am still learning how to make videos. This only my second EVER.......

I hope you enjoyed this weeks
Watch & Weight Wednesday!

See you Tomorrow!

PS...Like my camera ^ up there?  I crated it in My Digital Studio using basic punches. Fun!!

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