Friday, February 3, 2012

Manager's Reception

By Invitation Only

Stampin' Up! sends out special invitations to demonstrators that are at Manager Level (or above) and are attending Leadership Conference.  Every year we wait to see what 'hint' might by included in the invitation.  This is what received this year...

This beautiful fan was our first hint that whatever they had planned, it had an oriental feel (which was unexpected as we were in Texas!).

On Wednesday evening we lined up to enter our special event.  Because I was a Make & Take helper and finished just about 45 minutes before the doors would open....I found a seat and waited for my friends to arrive.   I have never been even close to the front so this was exciting!!  I was in First Place, my downline, Sue Pavlak, second, and my dear friend Trevis Bossaller was third!  Below is crowd photo after we were inside.

As we entered the foyer of the theater we were greeted with beautiful decorations and the waitstaff serving Shirley Temples, and all sorts of fun finger foods.

Below is a photo of my friends (I'm taking the picture) seated inside the theater waiting for the entertainment

We were entertained by a variety of Acrobatic skills by the group from China.  The started with dancing dogs (can you see that one man is holding up another man...he lifted him like a feather).  There were two cute young ladies that could twirl anything, and one who even spun a table with her feet! A man stacked regular table chairs and kept climbing on top of them until he was inches from the top of stage.  They had to use special contraptions to hand him the chairs! But the strongest were the group of men that did a variety of amazing things using their body strength.  I wish I had a video to share, but you get the idea.  They also jumped the hoops shown in the photo below.

It was very entertaining and exhausting to watch! My photos don't do it justice at all (FYI only that blurry middle photo is one of mine, the rest are from SU).

Manager's Reception is always one of the highlights of Leadership, but it isn't the only one!  Another favorite thing is seeing the displays!

Check back tomorrow to see what was waiting for us in "The Gathering Place" at Leadership.

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