Monday, February 27, 2012

My Digital Monday

Blog Signatures

Have you noticed that I have a variety of blog signatures?  I created each of them with My Digital Studio!  Sometimes it’s just a stamp with my sign off line (Hugs, Karie Beglau) like these:

They are VERY SIMPLE to create!  Just be sure you background is white (on your blog too) and create!  Once they are posted they look seamless!

Some are a combination of a few stamps & punches layered, like this: 

 Some take a little more work by combining punches to create an item like the video camera in this signature:

 I admit it, that one is my favorite!  It was so fun to piece together the circles, squares, shadows, etc to create a camera.  

Which One Is YOUR Favorite??

Remember you download a FREE 30-Day Trial of My Digital Studio by clicking here!  

 See you tomorrow!

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