Friday, March 16, 2012

My Husband Stamps!

Here's Proof!
(I am one lucky girl!)

 Sometimes my sweetheart tells me he has some great idea for a card and he'd like to go play with my 'stuff'.  Well, who's gonna argue with that?  So I give him my blessing and off he goes...

This is my handsome husband, Michael.  He does always dress well, but I think this was after he did something for church, hence the suit.  

He grabbed my Big Shot, several different style dies, my punches...then he rummaged through my scraps of anything in the pink or red families and went to work.  

Here he is with his finished creation.  I know, it's a bit Valentine's Day-ish.  Be he wanted to try scattering hearts into a heart.  It's pretty cute huh?

Here's a close up!!

Notice he even used punches inside a punch too!

I hope you enjoyed my sweethearts does open on the top left.  It's in my craft room if you want to see it in person!

See you tomorrow!

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