Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Stamp Sell-er pt 2

Class Room

Here are a few more photos of my craft room. 

This is one view of the Class Room area where I can fit between 8 to 15 guests.   Those shelves in the back hold retired card stock, stamps, and other items that available for purchase all the time.

 Here's the view from the other side.  As you can see, I have been known to add a few more chairs, and tables too, to bring the total number of guest up over 20!  Of course that usually a special Hostesses Only Luncheon and nobody wants to miss that so they are OK with the squeeze

From the above photo you'd think they come for the food...but trust me, they are always anxious to start the stampin' projects!

I'd love to have you join us this year!  All you have to do is invite a few friends over for a fun & relaxing evening.  Your house or mine!

Hope you'll come back tomorrow!

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