Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday School

Gladys Knight &
William McDowell
(Her husband.  This song won a Grammy in 2005)

He Lives

Today, actually this whole weekend, Gladys is in town with the choir,  Saints United Voices!  My husband & I are taking several friends to see them.  The choir will sing and share testimony with us.  The amazing thing is that this is a church 'calling' for Gladys & the choir.  To that end, there is no charge to attend.  You just needed a ticket to attend of the 6 scheduled events at two of our local Church buildings (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints / mormon).  FYI:  Gladys joined the church many years ago.

 I am pretty excited about listening to the beautiful choir and being uplifted by the testimonies they will share through song & word.  I wish I could have taken you all...but there was a 250 seating limit...maybe in a small way this brings all of you with me today. 

See you tomorrow for some Digital Designs!

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