Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Scrap

Do your photo’s 
look like this?

 Yep!  That’s me!!   

Way back in the mid-70’s I started scrapbooking.  Of course back then there were no stores, no  Stampin’ Up!, and no ideas on how to do this the safe way…at least I didn’t know of them.  So I used the only glue I knew was easy to use….Elmer’s !  That liquid glue stuff.  It was good glue, but not for adhering photos.  You can see every drop has bleed through this photo.

There IS hope!
If you have a good photo program you can probably fix this quickly, but even if you don’t you can fix it pixel by pixel if you are patient.  That’s what I started to do here…and it worked!  I know it looks like I just added war paint to my nose & cheek, but honestly it worked great!  It just took a lot of time!

When you find damaged photos don’t toss them… Fix them!  You’ll be glad you did.

Here are few pages from that very first album…I actually used a typewriter to put in the journaling…Not bad except I could not spell back then.  OK, OK, I am still not that great at spelling.

See You Back Here Tomorrow for Sunday School.

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